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Our team has dedicated their practice to helping clients through life changes and challenges. We have an esteemed record of doing everything in our power to ensure a victory at the negotiation table and in court.

Whether you are facing the tough issues of criminal defense, divorce, the hopeful anticipation of adoption, the thoughtful planning of your estate, or any other general areas of law, we will go the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome.  We understand what you are going through and are ready to help you.

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With our 25+ years of experience, and team of 5 full-time legal professionals, we are more than equipped to handle any type of case you need assistance with.


Common Questions

You will need someone who is experienced with matters of the court, and can get you the best possible results.

Since every case is different and some require more time than others, the total price of representing someone in court depends on the situation.

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Who are We?

We are a family owned and operated law office in Denton, Texas.  We have clients across North Texas, a terrific track record, and the respect and admiration of others in the legal profession.


"Great law team! This is the only place in town to get legal advice."
- Antonio A.
"Steve is a patient, knowledgeable attorney. If you will listen he can guide you through some really tough spots."
- Jack P.
"Stephen Wohr is the best lawyer in town!"
- Tony A.