Our Experience

Our team has dedicated their practice to helping clients through life changes and challenges. We have an esteemed record of doing everything in our power to ensure a victory at the negotiation table and in court.

We excel at fighting for the rights and freedom of clients accused of crimes.  Our record is extensive and includes many cases in which we successfully fought to have charges reduced or dismissed, and many cases were won in court.  We know that every stage of a criminal case – from initial investigation (sometimes even before an arrest), through final judgment – is extremely important. Each situation must be handled strategically and fought aggressively by seasoned professionals.

We practice in Denton County, and all neighboring counties.  All of our attorneys are experienced and prepared to provide competent legal representation, regardless of where you are located.

Whether you are facing the tough issues of criminal defense, divorce, the hopeful anticipation of adoption, the thoughtful planning of your estate, or any other general areas of law, we will go the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome.  We understand what you are going through and are ready to help you.


We have a full team of legal professionals, ready to serve your needs.


Discuss your situation in an informative consultation.


We have extensive experience in handling a variety of legal matters.

Locations of Practice

Though we are based in Denton county and usually practice in the surrounding counties, we are more than willing to travel anywhere in Texas, if needed, to represent our clients.

Denton County

Dallas County

Collin County

Tarrant County