Remove or Seal Your Record

Expunctions are a process that allows a person to remove a criminal record that they received an acquittal from a Jury on, where never brought to court and the statute of limitations has expired, or who have completed a Pre- Trial Diversion Program. This process actually allows a person to change history and remove the record from all agencies that have it. 

Non-Disclosures are a process that allows a person to seal a criminal record. The legislature has expanded allowing more people this relief. Most importantly it is designed for people who had a criminal charge where they completed Deferred Adjudication Probation but have no new criminal charges. Depending on the offense there are required waiting periods before someone is eligible to seal their record, and some offenses are never eligible for Non-Disclosure, for example Family Violence offenses. The legislature has recently expanded letting people who have a conviction and even did jail time to seal their record after a period of time. As well as allowing people to seal Alcohol related offenses. Non-Disclosures can keep potential employers and other entities that run back ground checks from seeing your criminal record, however the prior criminal case can still have a negative impact if you are facing new criminal charges or working to get professional licenses or work in government and law enforcement. 

Expunctions and Non-Disclosures are State Legislature governed processes and our staff stays up to date on the legislative changes that impact eligibility. We offer a research fee that a person inquiring about an Expunction or Non-Disclosure can pay to allow us to determine eligibility by pulling a TXDPS criminal history report, if eligible the research fee will be applied to the total retainer.  There are court filing fees associated with this process but we offer affordable attorney fees for you to have representation in Petitioning the Court for an Expunction or Non-Disclosure.