Obtaining an ODL

The State of Texas has one of the harshest Departments of Public Safety. The Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) is governed by ever changing State Legislature, our staff stays current on the changes and is ready and capable to help you with any of your Drivers License obstacles. Texas Drivers licenses can be suspended for Alcohol, Drug offenses and other criminal convictions, as well as surcharges and tickets through the State point system. 

We often do not charge any additional attorney fees if your on a criminal retainer with our office, and offer affordable service fees to assist non-clients with Drivers License issues. There will be court fees and fines or fees due to to TXDPS to get your license reinstated. It is our goal is to help you navigate TXDPS processes  breaking down the steps you need to take and putting a plan in place to ultimately allow you to have a valid license. 

We have assisted many Denton County residents with getting Occupational License in place allowing them to drive legally while working on getting their other TXDPS issues resolved. We feel this work is extremely important because it is a way for us to help our client from committing new offenses and having new cases before the court. Many law firms treat Drivers License repercussions as a non-legal consequence and often to do not include assistance with TXDPS issues.