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No. Retaining a parole attorney is not required. Although many believe it is a necessity. Whether you choose us to represent your loved one or another practice, we always recommend you hire an experienced parole attorney.In Texas, parole is a privilege. therefore, your loved one does not have the right to be present during the parole hearing. By retaining a parole attorney this gives your loved one a fighting chance. When you retain Wohr Law you ensure your loved one has a voice in the process. Each client gets a unique and tailored plan in order to speak the the Parole Board’s considerations.
We communicate with your loved one in three different ways.1) We have regular communication through the mail. 2) We send your loved one emails via JPay. 3) Our cell phone numbers are added to your loved one’s call list.
Yes. We know what makes for compelling support documentation, the things that can make a real difference. To make it easier for you, we provide a support letter advice document, helping you know exactly how to draft support letters. Our clients’ families continually share that our guidance relieves some anxiety during an already stressful time.
Yes. We fight for inmates’ freedom and work with their loved ones across the state of Texas to make it so. In fact, we have experience and success appearing before all seven Texas Parole Board offices.

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