Lindsey Pruitt

Lindsey Pruitt is Stephen’s Senior Associate Attorney who has been working alongside him for four years of her ten years as a practicing attorney.  She was license to practice law in the State of Texas in 2008.  She graduated Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in History and then attended Texas Wesleyan School of Law (now Texas A&M School of Law at Wesleyan).  While in Law School, Lindsey was on the Dean’s List for three semesters, earned her mediation certification, and worked in the Law School’s Law Clinic working on Family Law and Social Security cases for low income families.  

After receiving her Law Degree, Lindsey began working for a family law Law Firm in Plano, Texas.  After three years of advocating for Family Law clients in negotiations and trials, Lindsey moved to a Law Firm that practiced Family Law and Criminal Law and ran the Family Law department.  While there, Lindsey became licensed to practice Law in the Supreme Court of the United States.

Lindsey Pruitt joined our firm in January 2014 and has been focusing on Criminal Law and Family Law.  She handles all types of Misdemeanors and Felonies in our office and a variety of Family Law cases, including divorce, custody, CPS, and child support.  She is on the Misdemeanor, Felony and CPS court appointment lists in Denton County.  She is compassionate to her clients and an aggressive advocate in the courts.