See What Past Clients Have to Say

"Not only is Steve a Excellent Attorney but he's my life long Friend and Brother I never had plus fellow Gearhead!"
Jimmie S.
"Great Law Team! This is the only place in town to get legal advice."
Antonio A.
"Mr. Wohr has really changed my beliefs about lawyers/attorneys. He traveled many miles to defend my case. That really impressed me. Not only the long distance traveled but a very favorable outcome. I am happy to recommend Stephen Wohr to anyone who is on their last chance or first for that matter. If he can keep me out of prison on my last chance exhausted, then I am more than positive he will come through for anyone on best possible outcome. God bless Stephen Wohr."
Dewayne W.
"Steve is a patient, knowledgeable attorney. If you will listen he can guide you through some really tough spots."
Jack P.
"Mr. Wohr and his team are extremely professional and excel in all facets of their services. Every member of this team takes their role very seriously yet are extremely kind and understanding. I know I am getting the best legal advice from this team. I trust them and would absolutely recommend this team!"
Taryn H.
"He is a very good attorney!"
Rose L.